How movers Prepare Your Refrigerator For Your Move?

We will share how movers prepare and protect your refrigerator for the move.


  • Another high claim item, a fridge needs proper handling techniques and should be handled with the upmost of care. Stainless Steel fridges can incur a small ding or dent on the front and cost thousands to replace.
  • The first thing to do when moving a fridge is to check measurements. This will let us know if we need to pull the doors or not. Compare the measurements against door ways and try to find the safest route.
  • Make sure the Fridge is empty. There should be NO food or ICE in the fridge and ALL shelves should have the glass taped into the frame to avoid damages.
  • Unplug the fridge and prepare to remove the water line. Make sure the water line is turned off and your familiar with the main water line shut off in case the line breaks. Go to the front of the fridge with a glass and press in the water spout to collect any remaining water in the line . Keep a towel near by to avoid minor overspill.
  • If you must remove the doors (50% of the time), you may need to You Tube the fridge model to see the setup. If you only need to remove the handles removed, the handles usually “pop” up and reveal the screws that hold the bottom of the mount. When and if you remove doors, the water line typically disconnects at the top of the fridge and there is usually a wire plug as well. Make sure before you remove the doors you have a moving blanket on the floor to protect the door while you lay it down.
  • Put cardboard on the fronts of stainless steel finishes for ultimate protection.


Yes, you can move the refrigerator on your own but  without the proper knowledge and right equipment this can be a hassle. You might damage your refrigerator in the process . It will be better to hire a professional for this one. Call us at (704) 778-3001 or email at john@TheBestMovers.com.


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