Money savings tips for your move

It is important to understand how important being prepared for your move date is in relation to how much money you will end up spending. When the movers arrive to your home, if the boxes are packed, but not stacked, pillows and beddings are still on the beds, the fridge still has food in it and the washer and dryer still have clothes inside of them will see a bill hundreds of dollars higher than a person who has addressed any time stealing obstacles I listed here.

If you really want to add some efficiency to your move and save money on your move here are a few tips from the moving pro himself Jeremy Goding on how to save money:

– Make sure you have all of your moving boxes sealed and labeled well. If possible have them all stacked in no higher than 5′ Each (dolly ready height) and closest to the front door of the home. On the delivery end, the room closest to the front door to put all the boxes in will not only save you time and money on our move, but will also help you keep it more organized with an “unpack area”

– Move items hat don’t box well in your car before the move. Things such as odd lamps, fragile items, jewelry, urns and electronics such as laptops and small monitors.

– Another huge way to save money on your move and sometimes even add a little money to your pockets after you move is to donate or sell items that you have not used in years. Items such as kayaks, golf clubs and out door patio furniture can be huge space killers and take time to handle during your move. If you haven’t used these items in years and are ok parting with them it is best to make the judgement call before the move rather pay to have it handled just to sell it when you relocate to your new home.

– Move in the mornings after rush hour traffic. You always want your Movers to be your first move of the day. Its human science that the body is going to be able to have more energy at 10am on a Tuesday morning rather than starting your move at 2pm on an July afternoon in the sweltering heat.

– Remember most movers like The Best Movers charge by the hour for local moves. If you live in an apartment complex reserving the best space the night before with your personal vehicle (need to spaces to back in) will help get the moving truck the closest to your residence which in turn will result in a faster move which will be rewarded with a lower bill when doing your move

-Ask for a discount when scheduling with your movers. Its ok to ask for a discount, many moving companies offer discounts for public service, veterans, seniors and more. Some moving companies might even give you a discount for your feedback , a testimonial video or even a blog post when you are done and 100% satisficed with the move.

-Draw out the list. As the list gets closer to move day, the To-Do-List should be broken into day and times. For example , the days leading up to your move date might look like this:

Monday: 8am – Confirm USPS Change 9am – Have lawn mowed 11am – Pressure was windows 1-4pm Make trips with small breakables 4pm – Schedule power to be turned off and turned on at new place
Tuesday 9am – Get pets up and empty fridge 10am -Movers arrive

I would say in the moving industry one of the biggest customer feedback issues would be the move ending up costing more than they planned for. Literally if the only thing you plan for is a low cost move with no planning, then your only plan will go wrong.


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