Things to not pack into your storage unit

Medical supplies

Make sure to use additional caution and inquire about your storage unit’s policies regarding medical supplies. Some medical equipment contains radioactive material that can’t be kept in storage legally.

Combustible or flammable items

Even though this seems to be common sense, it is worth mentioning. Items that are combustible or flammable should never be stored in a storage unit, since they pose a risk to both your things and the other storage units in the facility.

Firearms and ammunition

When it comes to firearms, make sure to verify with the storage unit facility about their policies — some restrict the sorts of firearms that can be stored, while others outright prohibit them.

Unregistered vehicles

Car storage is still one of the most popular storage alternatives, but you must ensure that your vehicle registration is up to date and that it complies with the laws of your state. Unregistered automobiles are classified as abandoned automobiles in several states.

Soaps and scented candles

When you first see this, it may not appear to be a major concern, but it can be. These materials are known to attract mice and rats, which can be a major issue for your storage facility. Anything that has a strong odour, such as perfume or lotion, should be stored with caution.


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